Vapor Rev Mixology Line

Introducing the Vapor Rev Mixology Line! Our in-house line that seperates us from the rest as it puts YOU in control. With over 1,000 flavor combinations, you now have the freedom to customize and create your very own unique blends. 


Our liquid is handcrafted, prepared in small batches and made to perfection by local favorite Nostrum Vapor! Each bottle is made-to-order specifically for you. Simply choose your flavors, strength, and a name for your recipe. You can even select and share existing recipes using our in-house recipe book.


Signature Flavors


Fruit/candy flavors


NERDZ ROPE: Just like the candy, this sweet, complex medley of fruits and gummy will make your mouth water for more!


REVerence: A delicious, succulent watermelon blended with mixed berries.


BUG JOOSE: A sweet strawberry fruit cocktail topped off with berries, tropical and citrus notes.

BEAST MODE: Lemon lime soda remixed with a splash of grape.

GREEN RANGER: Juicy green apples with a jolly twist.


WATERMELON POP ROCKS: Mouth-popping watermelon candy. 


JUTURNA: Sweet and citrus pineapple taffy.


TNT POP: Our take on your favorite red, white and blue popsicle!


PIXEL: A combination of sour apples, juice watermelon crushed up into a candy pixie dust.


BLUE SLUSH: A blue raspberry icee.



Creamy/Dessert flavors:


CAP'N CUPCAKE: Vanilla cupcake covered in strawberry icing, sprinkled with crunch berries. An instant classic!


REVenge: The ultimate dessert lovers dream! This super complex e-liquid is best described as a double chocolate cookie, layered with creamy peanut butter, caramel, coconut and banana cream.  


STRAWBERRY DREAMS: Sweet strawberries, rich cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, topped off with a vanilla custard.


SAMOA: A chocolate, caramel, coconut cookie.


MAPLE TWIST: Warm, cinnamon, cream filled donut topped with a light maple glaze.


ASTRONAUT MILK: Graham crackers smothered with toasted marshmallows and cream.


CHOCO MOUNTAIN: Rich, milk chocolate peanut butter cup.


PILLOW PANTS: Our signature cheesecake, drizzled with a warm caramel topped with a creamy vanilla custard. Pillow Pants is easily a favorite!  


BANANA CREAM: Ripe bananas with creamy finish. Mix Banana Cream with Choco Mountain for the perfect chocolate peanut butter banana cream dessert!

BOO-BERRY MUFFIN CRUNCH: Blueberry muffins swimming in a bowl of sweet, creamy cereal milk. 

HONEY OATS: Crunchy granola, nut clusters, oatmeal, honey and brown sugar.


Basic Blends

  • Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Mango, Lemonade, Blue Slush, Caramel, Birthday Cake, Donut, Vanilla Custard, Cinnamon Roll, Crunch Berries, Taffy, Banana Cream, Cool Menthol, Polar Vortex menthol, pancakes, tobacco,