TWISTED MESSES: The Twisted Messes Squared RDA is a platform purpose built to handle practically any build, featuring a two post, quad terminal build deck with massive 2.8mm diameter terminals, flat bottomed hex screws for consistent contact, a deep juice well, electric cut airflow, and a myriad of style and drip tip options. Designed in collaboration with Jay Bo Designs in specific areas to improve effectiveness, the Squared RDA features a two post, quad terminal build deck that caters to high level and high complexity coil configurations. The two post design features side by side 2.8mm diameter terminals per post, with clamp style hex screws that have a flat bottom to improve coil to post connection to ensure accurate performance. The negative post is deck milled for durability, while a PEEK insulator provides great heat resistance. The 5.5mm deep juice well provides superior wicking capability while providing room for vertical based coil designs. Airflow of the Twisted Messes Squared RDA is electrically cut, and is arranged in a horizontal configuration with each of the three squared airholes measuring 3mm by 3mm, while also integrating a dual 3mm by 3mm cutout for single coil capability. Each Twisted Messes Squared RDA set includes one stainless steel and one black AFC exterior ring, allowing users to mix and match the included parts to create a desired look. The preinstalled 11mm bore stainless steel drip tip allows for tremendous maximum airflow, while an additional 11mm black Radel drip tip makes for a highly heat resistant material designed to be used in conjunction with high power outputs. Manufactured out of high quality stainless steel, the Squared RDA features a gold plated brass connection for good conductivity. The collaborative efforts of two of the most highly regarded designers in the industry come together to create a premiere rebuildable dripping atomizer platform that features one of the most capable overall systems in the Twisted Messes Squared RDA, making it a must buy for build enthusiasts and cloud chasers.