Kilo - Black Series

The Black Series by Kilo has arrived! Enjoy all four flavors now available in 60mL bottles!

WHATS IN THE BOX: 60ml Black Series flavor, 30ml custom Kilo unicorn bottle, Kilo Dog tag keychain, Kilo cloth, Kilo 18650 battery case, and Black Series sticker

Honey Crème: Is a masterpiece created and developed by our Award winning mixologist. Smooth, rich Vanilla bean ice cream with a drizzle of sweet honey, topped with roasted nuts will have your taste buds buzzing with joy; a new signature all day flavor.

Apple Pie: Our uniquely crafted version of the iconic Apple Pie, brings you a nostalgic experience that satisfies even those with an insatiable sweet tooth. Caramelized apples mixed into a lightly spiced cinnamon bath folded into a perfect flaky pastry crust.


Birthday Cake: Celebrate every day as if it's your birthday! We took the classic yellow cake layered with a smooth creamy frosting then topped it with rainbow sprinkles.


Milk & Cookies: A simple flavor for the simple joys in life. The classic chocolate chip cookie, dunked into a glass of cold milk for everyone to enjoy!